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Aluminum Egg Crate Core
  12.7x12.7x12.7mm- 45°
  15x15x12.7mm- 45°
Aluminum and Steel Diffusion
  Egg Crate Grille
  Lourve Faced and Bevel Faced Diffuser
  Plaque Diffuser
  Single Deflection and Double
  Deflection Grille

  Door Grille
  Fixed Blade Return Air Grille
  0° and 30° Fixed Blade Diffuser
  Outside Air Louvre
  Round Diffuser
  Linear Slot Diffuser
  Swirl Diffuser
  Jet Diffuser
  Supply and Exhaust Valve
  Opposite Blade Damper (OBD)

Plastic Grille
  Plastic Swirl Diffuser
Flexible Duct
Fire Damper

  Single Blade Damper
 Butterfly Damper

Opposite Blade Damper (OBD)  

Opposite blade dampers are commonly used to achieve volume control in supply and exhaust air systems They can be fitted on louvre faced diffusers, bevel faced diffusers, single deflection and double deflection grilles and other supplier air grilles or diffusers.

  opposite blade damper  

Standard opposite blade dampers: 150x150, 200x200, 225x225, 250x250, 300x300, 350x350, 400x400, 450x450, 500x500
Other sizes and designs can be customized to customer’s requirement.
Standard colour: natural anodize and mill finish.

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